Jewelled Bouquets


Jewelled bouquets with fabric flowers and brooches start from £59 bridesmaid size

Alternative colours, designs and sizes are available

If you are looking to have your own design made up or even a similar theme with your own colours in mind feel free to call me for a chat. Amanda 07738262211

For full price details or options to buy please go to Prices or Contact me

Maybe you don’t want a full on brooch bouquet but would like something beautiful and simple but a little less bling, then a jewelled bouquet is a great option. Another choice for ladies who are getting married abroad as they are extremely lightweight and versatile for luggage space.All designs can be custom made to suit your colour scheme or theme, not forgetting you can order and have your bouquet early so you can be rest assured there will be no mishaps on the wedding morning as is sometimes the risk with colours and options with  fresh flowers.  Allergy sufferers, this bouquet certainly won’t ruin your day!