Bride with brooch bouquetChoosing a brooch bouquet is choosing originality. It can be something entirely unique and very much a one off; it is a promise that no other piece will ever be completely the same; after all, we are individuals.

Even more than this, brooch bouquets can be a reflection of you down to the style, materials and colours which can match your wedding theme or simply encompass whatever you desire.


Brooch bouquets are up and coming, they’re fresh, new, exciting and particularly something that I’m passionate about. Nowadays, some of us are making new traditions so why not begin by indulging in a brooch bouquet that may well become a heirloom and tradition itself one day. The ‘trendy bride’ can see why these brooch bouquets are becoming increasingly popular.

From Gothic and dark to colourful or sparkly – whatever the case, these once inanimate objects will come to life through the world of brooch bouquets.


The intricacy within brooch bouquets involves amazing detail and art. It will be your masterpiece, handcrafted through hard work and attention. ‘The piece is in the pudding’ after careful wiring, stylising and fitting every intricate part.


“Diamonds are forever”. Perhaps the most special reason for a brooch bouquet is the fact that it is forever, it is a piece which you can cherish and hold on to after the wedding. Your bouquet need not die like flowers, let it be eternal.

Allergy Friendly

It’s as simple as it sounds, sometimes we need practicality. If you have hay fever or allergies then a brooch bouquet is a good choice for you, you do not have to suffer your allergy and you can still have that element of beauty on your special day with one less thing to worry about.


A brooch bouquet can without a doubt be an heirloom. You can pass it on to your daughter, down the family line, watch it becomes a treasure. It can go on to be one of your family’s most valuable memories and treasures.


Those you love never truly leave you, so what better than to let them share the day with you. Of course within brooch bouquets there is an option for your own twist and design and this can incorporate sentimental jewellery. A loved one’s photograph in a golden locket, old memoirs, real gold and silver antiques that mean something to you can be used to create something really unforgettable.

Brooch bouquetOrganisation

We all know how hectic wedding planning is, for example the whole flower business. Well say goodbye to preserving flowers or worrying on the day because with a brooch bouquet you can cross one thing off your list. You can have a brooch bouquet months in advance, making it just that little bit easier for yourself towards the big day!

Gift Idea

A brooch bouquet need not be specifically for bridal purposes, it can be made as a special gift. It can be a gorgeous anniversary present or a beautiful ornamental treasure. The beauty that brooch bouquets capture make these bouquets pieces of art.

Above all, it’s your special day. You deserve something special.